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Guys, be aware while making transactions, today i got scammed for 125 euros. Just wanted to share how they did it.

Maybe this may help you somehow. So some guy off forum approached me about my thread on forums about me buying 115m. 

Few mins after one of his friends or he himself done the same with other skype acc. While i was talking to the first guy the other changed his nickname and i had him added. Did imposter howest, i made a convo with real Howest and we talked and he said that he cant see our messages and need to restart skype cuz hes on mobile. On that conversation he wanted to get howest authorisation by pming me on forums etc we talked much etc, seemed legit. I didnt notice any shady shit cuz i was doing an order on other screen. As he restarted and left, we waited several mins and after that another convo was made by 'howest'. I didnt even bother since i know him rlly well and idc really. After that they had me and just simply took my money. RIP, getting scammed like a kiddo :/

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