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Hello all members of OSBOT


I'm here to say that i screwed myself over at OSBOT, lately i've been in LOT of disputes and that made me look very bad. 

And now i'm in the this terrible that i owe a guy 260m IN gp that i can't afford.

So i'm here to say goodbye to the good people at OSBOT 


@Adapt - You we're a friend in class! You always believed in me and im grateful for that. Goodluck getting the TWC removed fren QwPha8E.png


Winnie - Your just a random i got to learn in very short amount of time but ur a legend m8 Keep it going QwPha8E.png


@FruityBug - Whenever i did something not good you just didnt care and was sweet to me always helped me QwPha8E.png


@Scotty - Then there's u Scotty! The best fucking friend a person could get. Always tried to help me in EVERY situation even if you didnt have much time. When i got screwed over by Wadbot you offered to refund the people that got scammed. Goodluck in the future fren QwPha8E.png


@tehgousch - We talked much on skype and you and DAMN you were a dank friend! QwPha8E.png I will miss u hella lot QwPha8E.png


Fishing - We could ALWAYS fuck around with eachother u swedish prick. I'm sorry i forgot you but damn man.... Gonna miss all the guys in the community QwPha8E.png


Also goodbye to all the other great people at OSBOT that i maybe didnt know that great QwPha8E.png

I hope u will remember me for the ";)" Emojis and the disputes ahah QwPha8E.png


@Decode I wanna give you an apology. For yesterday in CB. Im sorry <3


Farewell boys QwPha8E.png

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