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Getting banned without being reported?


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I think one of the most important rule of thumbs is play like a normal person. And a normal person, typically, does not play 8+ hours a day. Taking breaks are important, but the longer you play in a day, the more you push the limits. I think OSRS utilizes an algorithm to detect botting. If you repetitively click similar movements for 8+ hours, I assume the software has a pretty good chance of identifying a real person from a fake. 

Also, if you are aiming to bot 16 hours a day, try to spread the 16 hour span over 3 or 4 accounts. 

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Not getting reported is defiantly a bonus but in my experience Jagex have a detection system that I believe is triggered at a certain point to scan your account for third party programs/scripts so I'd recommend regular breaks.. Getting reported is probably another way their detection system is triggered on your account. 


Hope this helps in some way. :)

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