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Dispute Simple79001 (Alex)


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​Purchased some training with Alex. He had my password for 24 hours. I am very cautious about this account. This password had been given to Alex only since I change every few days. This happened to my personal account. That I enjoy playing. I logged on the morning after service and everything was taken.
​I woke up at around 7:00 GMT and checked that account and it had nothing, It had been cleaned. My cash stack (2.5m) was in the NMZ coffer and that has disappeared. All my cannonballs are also gone (9k), my obby cape, brine sabre, zerk helm, and a cannon set.

​Not much to dispute in cash wise but I also have to add I am a good friend of @Chuckle and I know he had it done to him the same night whilst having given access to his account with Alex.


​Very suspicious. We discussed and he dined refunding me. He has blocked me skype. Here are the screenshots.


Niall even told @Simple79001 to remove the items from my account as they knew their was something going on at around 22:11 GMT. He did not do this and you will also see he told me that my items were still the account 5:00 GMT (Morning).


If he was innocent he would have removed the items and given them to someone for safe keeping.








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My issue with Alex was resolved, someone did gain access to the accounts but we could not find out how.

virus scans came back clear and nothing visible on skype.


I do not think it was Alex as he had access to more money than what went missing. 


hope ya's can resolve it 

It is however still really suspicious how the same thing happened to you and @goodbuds123 at the same night. And having access to more cash doesn't mean that he couldn't have done it. Therefore I have placed him in TWC for now.

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I Also agree that the things that went missing is a very suspicious thing i can see both sides where chuckle and goodbuds123 came from. But i dont believe people are seeing it from my side of view.

Chuckles items went missing over 8hours before it happened it happened to goodbuds since i logged in at 5 Am and still all was good there on. I just feel like i got rustled as being a new worker for chuckle and it happened between the time i checked and the customer logged in.


So from my point of view, what evidence do i have to suggest goodbuds123 didn't do this himself?


As chuckles said higher up me and his issue has currently been resolved, but what hasn't been mentioned is the fact i put down a $90 deposit on one of his accounts also earlier that same day requested he could rebond the accounts as i had been absent a couple days and they had ran out. So if i really wanted to scam, wouldn't i have done it for the maximum amount available at the time? 


tldr ; for all i know im being scammed myself

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Apologies for the delay.


After a long discussion, we've come to the conclusion that alex (simple) will be responsible for a refund of the items that went missing as well as the payment made to him to do the service (if any). 


Let me know when this has been done @@Simple79001 and i'll get that TWC removed for you. 

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Im sorry, but as i have grown up ive become very stubborn and i won't apologise for something that i haven't done. Therfore i wont be refunding this chap.

So if that then leads to my ban, Im sorry i couldn't come to terms with you guys always like the moderators and scripts / site will be a shame i cant come back.

i will continue to work for chuckles privately.


thanks for having me :)

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