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Story time


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So i was going shopping with friends and we all happend to wear something black anyhow we were with the 5 of us.

Now this is what happend because of me and my weird mind, so i thought it was gonna be funny if i would start acting as if i was a bodyguard of my friend so i had this one black friend with me aswell and we all covered around him in like a square shape like this

without the OCrwBx7xj.png

and i legitimately put on one of my iphone earplugs and would act as if i was talking with other guards outside as in: "Yes the coast is clear, over." or "Mr. President i've just got heard there are people blocking the entrance we need to exit through another exit" and we would drag him around like this


anyhow so we were crossing the street still pretending to be his bodyguards so i would cross then put my hand up to the driver as in "wait mothafucka we need to cross" pretty much like this


but the driver wasnt having it and he was like this


after that i was like "Mr.President i think we have a problem" cause idk i wanted to stay in character so what ended up happening this guy came out of the car and


... yes this did actually happen... luckily we didnt end up getting a ticket the guy thought it was pretty funny but we shouldnt have continued cause and i quote "We were bringing people in danger." THE END





Was with friends pretending to be bodyguards almost got into jail

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