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  1. Does this script still support cleaning herbs? Tried to use it to clean cadantine but the mouse started clicking in the wrong location missing nearly everything in my inventory. Tried restarting the script multiple times and got the same problem every time EDIT: Nvm, figured out the problem was I wasn't running in fixed mode.
  2. Any plans to implement minnow fishing into this script?
  3. Ok, then you acknowledge that one of the main reasons the civil war was fought was because of slavery. That flies in the face of your claim that this country hates black people. Why would we fight a war to end your enslavement if we hated you? When you compare the amount of blacks in prison with the amount of crimes they commit, they are actually underrepresented. I'm not moving my argument, I'm trying to clarify how you feel that you personally have been oppressed, because according to you, it's a big issue. You cannot claim that systemic racism exists simply because you have had experiences with racist people. For systemic racism to exist it must be explicitly and consistently enforced by the government. Racist people existing =/= systemic racism. The fact that you're going to a top school while being black directly contradicts your claim that you are being oppressed. If you were truly oppressed, you would have never been given that opportunity.
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Civil_War "The war had its origin in the factious issue of slavery, especially the extension of slavery into the western territories" I know it's a sin to cite wikipedia, but saying the civil war wasn't fought over slavery is a flat out lie. You're doing that a lot. And no, sorry, you aren't oppressed. You having experiences with racist people =/= systemic racism exists. If systemic racism really did exist, you wouldn't be allowed to go to a top STEM school. You. Aren't. A. Victim.
  5. A country that hates and oppresses blacks yet fought a civil war in which 600,000 people died in order to end slavery. " Currently I go to a top 15 STEM university in the country, I am pursing a B.S in Computer Science and 2 minors in Discrete Math and Data Science and plan on furthering my education after that." Then you aren't oppressed. Ok glad we got that out of the way.
  6. How old were your parents when they lived through Jim Crow? Even if they were toddlers when it ended, they'd have to be over 60 years old now. If they actually lived through and experienced it, they'd be really, really old by now. So that tells me you're either lying, or greatly exaggerating how much they actually went through. Just because your family lived through these things doesn't equate to you being oppressed. You've failed to give me a single example of how you, personally, have been oppressed by anyone or anybody. You live in a victimhood complex.
  7. Were you born into Jim crow? Are you a slave? No? Then stop acting like a victim, cause you're not
  8. Wage gap is a myth but ok, keep lying about that. Do you know how much welfare blacks receive? How much money we've pumped into the poor through welfare programs while not changing the poverty line whatsoever? Libertarian my ass, you're regurgitating every progressive talking point known to man.
  9. My examples are not completely anecdotal, you just don't want to face the facts. More than 72% of African American births are out of wedlock. The black drop out rate is 41%. Only 37% of black students who go to college finish a degree within six years. 43% of all murder victims are black, and 93% of them are killed by other blacks. And this is all because of shit that happened 60 years ago? Fuck off and take some goddamn responsibility.
  10. Sorry, if you think there's still systemic racism against black people you really aren't paying attention. Do you know how many positions of power black people hold? Do you know that we just had a black president? I didn't see the evil whitey tell Obama he couldn't be successful, or tell any other well known black man they couldn't be successful. You don't want to accept the truth, and the truth is that black culture is failing your youth. Black kids aren't born into households with fathers, they're born into communities where gang violence and drug use are the norm. That's not the fault of the evil white man, that's the fault of you for not getting ahead and bettering yourself. The Civil Rights act was passed 60 years ago, slavery was hundreds of years ago, systemic racism is over. I'd also like to point out that your argument as to why it doesn't matter that men are discriminated against in the court system is that they deserve it, because they haven't been oppressed. How do you know? Lol, this is what I hate about the attitude leftists take towards race. You act like, how your idol Bernie said it, "white people don't know what it's like to be poor." Give me a break, white people can suffer as much as black people can, only difference is the vast majority of us don't point the finger at someone else.
  11. The gender argument is a perfectly valid comparison. You have no control over what sex you're born as just as much as you don't have control over what race you're born as. Why is it fair then men get harsher sentences then women for the same crime? The answer is: those who commit more crimes get harsher sentences. Men commit more crimes then women, black people commit more crime than white people, but whenever you bring up "black crime" regressives like you start screeching. Facts are stubborn things.
  12. LOL why so triggered? So because I found a fuckton of opiates a good two years after my grandpa died it means I'm excited over his death? You're really reaching and making assumptions over things you know nothing about because you can't believe someone has a different worldview than you. If I were you I would strongly consider suicide.
  13. maybe they should stop committing so many crimes? Did you know men are convicted of longer sentences than women for the same crimes? Wow, guess we're living in a matriarchy Your arguments are bad and you should feel bad
  14. >uses one unfortunate court case and argues that all rich white kids can get away with rape >ignores the fact that rapists are thrown in jail constantly and ostracized by society, and are treated horribly in prison You're a fuckin moron bro.
  15. his arms look like twigs
  16. Why am I able to watch videos of people dying and committing suicide but I can't watch this? Fuck that's gross
  17. the left has redefined a cartoon frog as a symbol of hate man these guys have become such pussies
  18. >tfw trap is the worst genre ever created other than hip hop
  19. lol "any negroes around boston" how tf is that racist
  20. used to have depression but im fairly sure it was a misdiagnosis as im much better now.
  21. Account used to be my main when I played all the time but League is dead to me. Open to any and all offers, payment in OSRS GP/Paypal/or BTC. Account has many champs unlocked along with many rare/legendary skins, 5 full rune pages, etc. I'm not looking to sell this at full price, I just want it off my hands! Pertinent account info:
  22. What do you guys think causes the social stigma that surrounds drug use? My folks really disapprove that I've tried drugs (even though I've avoided hard stuff and can not be classified as an addict whatsoever) and all in all it seems that drug use in general is tied with degeneracy and weakness. In my mind, if drugs can help you through life and you use them in a way that is both respectful to yourself and others, there is no problem. It's also quite weird how we've drawn an artificial line between which drugs are acceptable, like alcohol, and which ones are not, like marijuana. One is illegal in most states here while the other is legal in all states, even though marijuana is far less dangerous than alcohol could ever be. Your guys' thoughts?
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