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It's still a lot

No - no it isn't. 

If you had 1 friend and 1b, how many stakes do you think you could do in a day?

An average stake is around 6.5 whip hits.

With a stake screen, time to run to your friend you can do probably around 100 stakes an hour - artificially increasing the amount staked by 100b per hour, or 2.4 tril per day.


It isn't a lot what so ever

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Do you see the name of the section?


Note the spam


If you're getting triggered by a number on somebodies profile I suggest;

1) Taking the forums less serious

2) Do the exact same fucking thing if it bothers you that much that his postcount is bigger than yours. 

Stop making such a huge deal out of it, if this is what krys likes to do around here then let him.




tl;dr stop complaining/bashing, he's staying within the rules.




This might be a joke, but the bash posts are getting pretty annoying, serious or not.



you're kidding right?




now stop crying over post count like a little bitch

even tho you did the same i do now


welcome to my ignorelist

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