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Add Bodybuilding/Gym Section



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  1. 1. Should we add a bodybuilding/workout out section?

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as title says  Add Bodybuilding/Gym Section  there are a lot of people on here who have very good tips or workout routinely and lots of knowledge was hoping it could be added so osbot members could show case their gains or weight loss etc



Can have sub sections, bodybuilding/ lose weight etc and as well as subsection titled Meals where people can post recipes etc or or what meals to to focus on eating for losing weight etc

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Call it 'Army' section LfzqLDN.gif doge.png

 could potentially have a subsection titled army regarding certain/specific army workouts or something like that but ehhh thats too niche,  lol  could just make threads and put [army) in the title thread to easily identify it wetc


no support it will make me feel bad about my lazy self


in reality yeah do it, i wanna learn how to work out, support.

lol  u sitting in ur comfy chair all day playing around with VR anime/porn isnt very good for you lol

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