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Script Ideas

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Anchovy pizza maker (300gp profit per pizza atm)

Anchovy cooker/catcher (raws are 67/ cooked 114)


P2P - Noticed scripts that dont gain exp dont get banned as often

White berry collector (2x better with looting bag)

Ironman focused wildy steel pl8body collector (inc alchs if they have)

A 'semi-script' that sits at rune fountain for glory chargers, ready to cast on them, and will continue to do so untill you take over - if you have sounds on will be easy to notice/possible with multiple accounts.

A glory charger than runs from corp beast lair, with the mouse hovering over the logout in the case it notices another player.


Might add more below if i think of any, feel free to follow the topic :^)

Feel free to add your own ideas for the nerds to make.

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