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price check

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what would be the price of 99 fishing skiller with 85 strength + 85 ranged and 10 HP?


other stats are mostly 1 including defence & pray ofc


might sell if i like the price


i am interested, IF no registered email, also, if you have 85str 10hp acc i am interested abou that too :)

send me a PM here

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So you are saying feedback costs 50m?

Depends on the account no-one will pay u a good price of your not trusted you could have a maxed main and sell it with your fb and not get more than 50MIL for it where as sum1 with good feedback they could sell it for 250

You can't put a price on trust!!

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uhm you do know anyone can scam? 200 feedback 100 feedback 5 feedback, $200 donator?



So paying that extra money doesn't guarantee much.


Now I do agree with you that a person with higher feedback has lower chance of scamming cause they don't wana lose that fb.

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