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  1. There's nothing explicitly in the rules regarding licenses

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    2. Whopper


      False; it's legal to transfer vBulletin files to another account on vBulletin.

    3. Mysteryy


      Im confused, are you saying that copyright infringement is not illegal? Because if you dont live in a third world country, chances are that its illegal.

      And are you asking me if its legal, or is that the license that you were talking about?

      I think selling licenses/accounts outside of RS accounts is against OSB rules, otherwise osbot would have to check that you legally purchased the license and that it is legal to change it to another account.

      So if you are trying to se...

    4. Whopper


      I'm saying that there is in fact NO copyright infringement regarding the selling of a legitimately purchased vBulletin license such as mine, which I've already PM'd a member of staff to verify that it is indeed legitimate. The license that we're talking about, being a vBulletin 4.x forum license purchased in 2010, is legal and allowed by vBulletin themselves to be transferred one time from account to account with a fee. Generally, people don't simply transfer the license f...

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