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  1. Perfect Fighter Script Question:

    Hello Czar,

    I wanted to start by saying incredible work on the depth of this bot I love it. I was wondering if it were possible to do the following:

    I am using diving magic pots to statically increase my mage from 90 >94 for 5 minutes so I can upcast Ice Barrage. The bot has no issue detecting when my magic goes from 94 to 90 and using another potion. The issue is when that happens Ice barrage is taken off of auto cast.

    The question being, is there anyway for the bot to reset auto casting back to ice barrage after taking another divine potion dose? Alternatively, is it possible to put the divine magic potion on a timer, where it uses it once every 4.75 minutes so what I mentioned above is not an issue?


    1. Czar


      Hello sir :D

      I like the idea, it's definitely possible since bots > humans so it's not complex dw about it xD I'll give this a go.

      If not, I'll release it as a separate script and release it in the local scripts section of the forum. I've definitely seen some requests for this and needed it myself a couple times to be fair.


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