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  1. hello, could you make a private script for me? this is what id like in the script.

     im looking for a script to do the following. i want a script the runs woodcutting and mining.

    MINING: Can you please make it so it mines copper all the way until iron, mine iron all the way to adamant, adamant to runite in that order
    also can you make it so my player runs to the ge and buys a new pick axe for every level he can equipt a new one. (add custom rocks as well please)

    WOODCUTTING: starting with regular logs, switch to oak logs, bank those all the way up to yew and bank yews as well.
    (custom trees as well please)
    please use the best anti ban you can, i know its impossible to not be banned but id like something i can run for a couple hours at a time

    MINING LOCATIONS: Best spot recommended for all ores

    WOODCUTTING LOCATIONS: tree: Lumbridge    Oak: Draynor village    Yew: Forest east of Draynor and west of Lumbridge 

    please add powermining and powerchop

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    2. Czar


      Seems like a good idea, complex too, however it would cost more to have something like this, fully working from A-Z

    3. g59robbie


      okay how much are we looking at? price wise?

    4. g59robbie


      how much would it cost?

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