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  1. Czar. Big fan of all of your scripts, as I have purchased many. Your thieving script on the other hand... very poor. Every task I assign my character it fails/dies/lags. I don't know if you gave up on the script or what but I just paid for it and it is exceptionally ineffective.

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    2. seanriff


      Also tried blackjacking for 15 minutes and died twice.

    3. seanriff
    4. Czar


      I have tried it and it's working, how did you run it for 1 1/2 hours if it's broken? Blackjacking is not supported at all, nowhere on the thread does it say that blackjacking is supported. I always tell users to not use it and don't buy the script for blackjacking.

      Cake stalls you can't die, fruit stalls you need to lure the dogs, silk stalls if you are running away you can't die, which chests? I just did fruit stalls and nothing wrong happened, I have shift drop enabled and it worked fine. You need to stop being rude and start being more informative so I can help you.

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