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  1. hey are you planning on making a chinning bot anytime in the future? ive searched across many sites and nobody seems to have one, I personally would be willing to pay $10-20 for it, also it wouldn't even need anything fancy like walking / tele , just one that u can choose ur location in the mm1 caves, and it will sip prayers until running out, then tele to varrock. half a request and half a question because I keep hearing people say one is out on this site but I don't see one.

    1. Czar


      Hmm I will see what I can do, usually I would expect an mm2 script but mm1 may be later for mm2.

      As for mm1 I need to research the best way to do mm1 caves and how to get more npcs in your line of sight and then I will do some prototypes ^^ :D

    2. sry2bothayou


      thank you!! I will ben checking, keep me updated?

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