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  1. couple questions: 1. Are you still updating your Agility script? Just curious kuz they took it off the store. 2. Why cant i high alch while doing a course?

    1. qwazz77


      I've asked the same question. Here is the response from Maldesto: "The scripter needs to update, he might have already done it, but his failure to respond to customers made us remove it for 1 month."

    2. Czar


      Hmm, alching is a one-off experiment which I was messing around with and seeing how well I could implement. It is nothing official just yet - because I haven't made any true tests with every single agility course, I even accidentally pushed it to the script when I upgraded the setup window. My apologies. After re-writing the anti-ban system I was planning on moving to the alch system and perhaps turning it into a full feature, I will see what I can do ^^ :D

      In the meantime I am coding more updates to the first few courses since I've gotten some constructive feedback which I am ready to implement :)

      As for responses, it is true I haven't been replying to all users, but I am trying my best to reply, I even included my discord for faster response times, so there will definitely be improvements ^^ :D

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