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  1. do you know why your agility script was removed from store? i need to know kuz i have it but if its gunna have issues i dont want to use it until its fixed.

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    2. dbgood


      For the crafting script when i go to make gold amulets (u) it says "button missing!!!" in the logger, probably due to the new UI when smelting gold. The agility bug is it would just keep clicking the next spot as if i already there but i was still on the previous obstacle. Also the fighter script has this thing where it will run back to the fight area but just sit there, i caught it walking back and forth several times like a distance of 4 squares. pacing.

    3. Czar


      Okay which agility course? I will test it asap.

      as for gold amulets yep I will be adding the new interface in the coming update.

      as for fighter, it sounds like a mirror issue, can you confirm if using mirror? If not then it cannot detect fight npcs. Make sure to enter the fight npcs properly, the script will only fight npcs inside the fight bounds box. If mirror, close everything, open default osrs client, open osbot, let them hook while logged out of rs, login manually without running a script, let the client load properly by moving around, walking, opening interfaces, then you  can start a script and it will be very stable after the correct setup. If not mirror then ignore and post your exact fighter setup options and I will test the same options and help out.

      expect an update for the crafter in a few hours, an update for agility as soon as you confirm which course I will begin debugging. In the meantime I will do an overall test run of all the courses.


    4. dbgood


      awesome! it was canifis. and i have been running into a lot of mirror issues with many different scripts. ill put money on the agility issue i had dealing with mirror. but yes as u said, once i reload everything it works fine, i have also found that if i pause then play the bot it fixes itself. 

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