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  1. I was having some issues with the perfect mining script i was wondering where to contact you

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    2. Toomanytimes


      haha as i was typing it i was getting the feeling i was in the right spot! I also have some other questions i might shoot at you if your not busy. But I am a huge fan of your perfect mining script! I have no coding knowledge and it makes me want to learn to code. It feels like AI to me the fact that it can play. Gratitude aside,

      Ive notice the Perfect miner, specifically the heroes guild runite miner will hop worlds when there is two or one rocks. It happens in both instances, it will hop to a world then hop to the next leaving both the runite rocks available to mine.

      The only other thing is when you select Hop if no rocks, and it prompts u to put in a delay or leave blank for no delay, i enter 30 seconds and it has no effect on the wait time, it hops instantly regardless. and i have tried other numbers.



      if you are not busy and wanted to answers like two questions

      If i have no computer coding knowledge, but want to get into coding specifically scripts for runescape like perfect miner, should i? and if so how should i go about my first couple weeks diving into it.

      Is there anyway i can download the raw file of the perfect miner to play around with the code

      i guess three, do you offer coding lesson?


      Thanks for your time,


      Again a huge fan of your work have bought multiple of your products.



    3. Czar


      I will get right away on adding some tweaks and changes to the mining behavior for runite, hopping system too. Thanks for the feedback, it will help the script become even better :D

      As for programming, it is a very fun and rewarding hobby as well as career path. If you want to start by scripting, it is advised to just learn the very very simple basics first, until you can launch your own IDE and setup the environment. Once you have a good environment going you can trial and error scripting easily by changing small lines of code and seeing the effect live in-game, it is very easy.

      The reason I say to only learn the very basics first is that, coding can be very demotivating and usually, people who try to learn will just give up after a few days and nothing will happen. So it's better to start without knowledge as long as there is motivation there.

      In fact, you can start scripting now: 


      As for the raw files (source code) of the mining script, I am unable to give it due to competition reasons, if I release the script it will help my competition and it will make my premium script useless :( There are tons of AIO mining scripts open source and it's actually better to write your own because you can actually say that you wrote it yourself and you can make extremely custom and precise differences that other mining scripts do not have.

      As for coding lessons, I don't offer them just yet but I wouldn't need to, because the programming section of OSBot has so many tutorials, code snippets, open source readily available scripts free for all. 

      Good luck, if you need help on any aspect of scripting or programming don't hesitate to ask, I will be more than glad to help :D

    4. Toomanytimes


      Cool super awesome. I will check some of this stuff out over thanksgiving break. Happy holidays thanks again your the best!

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