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  1. Very sad.. bought perfect sand crabs script 4 days waiting still not working transaction complete u got ur money i dont have my product i payed for and even more sad u dont even care about your customers, + u dont respond at least tell when its workin back again, made myself member hoping i can gain some stats on my alt... well proofed wrong idk what to do guys....really not reliable but yep.. will need contact customer service or browse through the internet to see what i can do. 


    1. Dorart


      Ye dont respond, i set it up to bot crabcrawl isle he then goes to the bank and stays around till logs in cause inactivty.

    2. Czar


      Make sure you have food in your inventory, otherwise enable 'no food mode' option. Please confirm. Sorry for late reply, the payment system must have been delayed or something, it is usually instant (5 mins max) depending on how you paid. 

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