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  1. m0i

    Perfect rock crabs

    Hello, so i have been using perfect rock crabs for a while and noticed it has been pretty good, atleast the best I can find. I have just noticed one little short from the script, special attacks. It would increase xp/h and add a variable so maybe not so easily detectable. It might be a bit harder to make the script switch to special weapon but atleast for me since i use granite hammer for training it would be good to have "use special on wielded weapon" or something. I'm not trying to push you to do this just thought could be a great add on.

    Have a beautiful day/night and keep on the good work.

    Ps. Great work on your script got 99 mining on your mining script

    1. Czar


      Coincidentally I am actually finishing up on a complete special attacks system rewrite for all my combat scripts. I will be converting the code to all my scripts today for the next update (tomorrow)

      It works amazingly well, it should be coming to the script very soon. Will post on the thread when it is completed :D 

      thank you and happy botting :D:D 

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