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  1. Regarding the "Perfect" fighter. I posted this in the thread as well.

    This script is not bad but could use a lot of work, especially considering it is $10. 

    1. Why does it take up >1/4 the screen instead of being in the chat space like every other sensible script. Also can you make it hide-able so that if I don't want to look at how ugly and huge it is I don't have to.

    2. I'm training using controlled with a whip and it tells me "something" is level 72 and the xp/hr and time til level but it doesn't say what skill it is referencing. It also shows some sort of goal level (80?). Why is this there and/or why can't I change it to what I want.

    3. The gp/hr tracking is completely messed up. It counts rune arrows as like 1.5k each. Doesn't track blood or death runes. Misprices many other things too. Sometimes doesn't track any items picked up. This system needs an overhaul.

    4. Special attacks not working or being unintuitive. 

    5. Why is it telling me a prediction for every hit I do? Why would I care about this when botting? Can I have an option to turn this off?

    6. Fight areas are not very intuitive. The fight bounds set up is clunky and you can only select an area that is visible on a screen which on the default botting setup is very small. Can you make it possible to just select a radius like every other script? The script does some very awkward movements when it gets to the edge of a fight zone.

    7. Prayer flicking is pretty bad and uses up prayer points quickly. I know this may be difficult to code but many other people have done it before and it is important to have working properly in a $10 combat script. Also after prayer points have ran out the bot continues to try to flick 0 prayer points instead of using an inventory full of food.

    8. When using bones to peaches tablets. Why does the bot not know to eat all regular food before using a b2p tablet? It used the tablet when I still had 7 sharks to eat.

    There are probably many more problems but I haven't had the script for very long. If some of these could be fixed it would make the script much more reputable.

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