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  1. Hello Czar,

    1-2 weeks ago I bought the Perfect Magic IAO, but it's not working for me.

    It keeps locking up and I have to restart it every 10 minutes.


    Is it possible for me to return this script and get another one back? I really liked the fisher, so I do know your scripts are excelent.

    The script i'd want in return is the woodcutter, is that possible?


    thanks so much!

    1. Czar


      Well you gotta tell me the actual problem with the magic script so I can fix it, what settings are you enabling and which spell are you attempting to cast? And what is the actual error is the script just stopping or what.

      I will give you extended auth for woodcutter (48hr) in the meantime, just make sure to clarify the issue(s) with the magic script.

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