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  1. Czar you smooth operator - good little buy! Are there instructions for CLI operation?
  2. Keen to trial this if possible Khal?
  3. changing the camera angle has fixed the issue temporarily but after a short time it returns to the camera view and have the same problem. It seems to be trying to click the centre of the net area but to set up a new net you need to click either side of the position - I hope this makes sense?
  4. hey Khal, script is gooooooddd but I noticed that the bot is getting stuck in drift nets - doesn't seem to be able to replace the nets once they've been removed?
  5. Czar! This script looks like it is going to do some big damageeeee - I'd love to trial it if it is at all possible? Thank you for all you do (big fan of Perfect fighter!)
  6. Could I please get a trial for this bad ass script Token? Cheers!
  7. Token this script is still the best money can buy and to add to the hype - the word on the street is Bone Voyage is coming soon? Can you confirm? IF so, ETA on delivery?
  8. Excited! Could I please have a trial?
  9. Awesome! Could I please have a trial?
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