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  1. Super sorry, I had a miscalculation. Script is fine, I will edit my comment.
  2. ---------DELETED MESSAGE---------
  3. Thanks Patrick, You have many people proud and happy of your dedicated work!!! -L
  4. Redownload/update... It will tell you when to do it, np.
  5. I've been blocked from posting, can you help.

  6. That's cool advise! Thanks alot, maybe now I can use it lol.
  7. I do not have Discord and cannot download it either, I will message him. Thank you for your advice
  8. Hi, I'm looking to purchase some 40 combat, 500 + total level accounts. I don't particularly care about the state of the account as in previous offenses. I won't be paying top dollar as I know these accounts are built specifically for throwaways and made extremely quickly. You can tell me what price you'd like, if I deem it too high your request will be ignored. Thank you -L
  9. You can choose any settings and use it without gaining xp. Just equipt flowers or items alike, various skillers or low levels do this when they don't want to gain xp. Goodluck and you don't need any kills to get max zeal so you really aren't losing out on anything. -L
  10. For the last three days I've used this script on Sapphire necklaces and today I received my ban. (High end level account with high ranking on the high-scores (top 50). Please be careful using script as my character wasn't actually visible standing in the G.E. DD Pile on world 302. I know for certain it wasn't an in-game report which caused the ban. I am ONLY using Mirrormode and I didn't use "AFK" setting. So maybe that's what you should do. I never had a huge pile of resources as I know Mods can view your screen. I believe I took all good measures to prevent t
  11. My account got banned today, after I decided to test another paid script. I was in the top 50 rank worldwide for Soulwars with zero issues after v2 arrived. Once my account is back, I will only be sticking at Soulwars and not bothering with other scripts. I'm not trying to throw dirt on other scripts because 1) It's worked for others, 2) I can't speak for all, but the one I used was Fury's Enchanter. I was placed in G.E. W302 standing in a high pile of players not allowing you to see my name. This made my understandings of the ban came specifically from the bots act
  12. It only stopped working for that one day, what errors are you getting? why is it not working for you? Best of luck getting it working and hope it does soon for you!
  13. Yes, it was no problem I was expecting another day down lol
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