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  1. GTi

    Vet Rank

    I haven't been as active as I once was. Working 7 days a week leaves little time for the internet, however i have checked back on the site and made a couple posts whenever possible. Ahh well
  2. GTi

    Vet Rank

    I've had vet rank for quite a while on here, it seems to of vanished now? Just wondered what's happened? Merry christmas!
  3. I don't really care for her, not sure why so many people are obsessed with her!!
  4. GTi

    Happpyyyy birtthdaaaay! <3

  5. Just gave me one to verify, I can say it's a good guide. Little requirements and I can say that I've never seen this as a money making method before. VOUCH - Definitely worth buying:)
  6. GTi

    GTA 5

    HAAHAHA! Love this game
  7. We've all got to start somewhere, SoulSplit back in the day was a 10 person server. Osbot at one point had like 40 members, no we've got 40k. I don't understand servers that have been up weeks and not got a good playerbase though, I think they should give up.
  8. Errmmm the fact soul split used to be a server based on Delta years ago, now it's a very successful RSPS with it's own office in london, is probably a lot to do with the RSPS hype. If you have a good server, the players will come & with players comes donations = MONEEEYYY Just like OSbot, more users = more money. Everyone is driven by money, 95% of people get into RSPS cos of the money.
  9. GTi

    Rule: No selling in Chat.

    @@Sherlock Hmm, according to this section in the official Rules for OSbot... 12. Market It is not allowed to tear apart a market thread. If someone wants to sell an account for $50, then it is not needed to post things like 'too expensive, wouldn't even buy for $20'. It is rude and unwanted. If you're not interested, then simply don't reply. To me it sounds like we wouldn't be allowed to argue in a thread about a price or the account in the market section, why tell members to go ahead and do it?? You are allowed to argue in a market thread, as long as the price you give is realistic. Nonsense bids and commentary are not allowed. Shouldn't that rule be re-written then? The way it is at the moment, sounds as if we can't post anything on the thread unless it's saying I'd like to buy it?
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