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  1. Welcome to the community! I'm looking forward to seeing your scripts. If you ever need any help feel free to message me or check out my open source scripts for reference.
  2. @ScriptManifest(logo = "", name = "IdleClicker", info = "", version = 1.0, author = "StaticSyntax") public class IdleClicker extends Script { @Override public int onLoop() { myPlayer().getPosition().hover(getBot()); getMouse().click(false); return MethodProvider.random(180_000, 240_000); } }
  3. As others have said, It's your approach to botting that matters, not just the client. I would recommend trying out the mirror mode client as that significantly reduces the speed/rate of bans imo. As well as botting a variety of tasks and not running the same script for numerous hours.
  4. Updated to 1.01 • Slightly improved script speed. • Implemented mouse and camera twiddles. • Script now stops when no more required items can be found in the bank.
  5. Version: 1.01 Features • Supports all banks and bank chests. • Cuts and strings all shortbows and longbows. • Cuts arrow shafts and javelin shafts. • Flights arrows, bolts and darts. • Cuts gems into bolt tips. • Tips arrows, bolts and javelins. • Cuts all wooden shields. • Logs out when required items are depleted. Screenshots Source Code https://github.com/StaticSyntax/DynaFletcher Download
  6. Welcome to the community!
  7. Every time an ore is successfully mined the script slows down by a few milliseconds. Over time this change is visible and looks like the script is getting 'tired' like a real player might. If you're looking for the best experience rates keep the fatigue option disabled.
  8. Yes. there were issues a few days ago too, just have to wait it out.
  9. I'd be more than happy to write a tutorial island script as well as a script for what ever money maker you had in mind for a small cost. Feel free to private message me here on the forums or add me on Discord: StaticSyntax#6938
  10. Have you tried forcing the java version through Terminal? <drag and drop installed java 1.8 executable here> -jar <drag and drop OSBot.jar file here> Unsure if you need to surround the directories with quotation marks on MacOS.
  11. OSBot seems to be down at the moment. Just give it some time.
  12. Currently working on a mining script, should be up on the SDN soon if all goes well. I like the sound of that! Have sent you a friends request on Discord.
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