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  1. I'd love to give this a trial Thanks!
  2. Is it possible to have it just cut logs and bank to a set number and only then start fletching?
  3. Not sure if it is a wrong setting or something but for some reason it is teleporting to Ferox with only approximately half inventory filled - is this intended? Edit: Nevermind, didn't realize using the sickle (b) cost prayer points, that explains why it is stopping prematurely
  4. Wow that was a quick response, I don't even have the prerequisites just yet, better get to questing so I can try this thing out haha, thanks Khaleesi
  5. Hey there, I'm really enjoying your other scripts - I'd love a trial of this to give it a try
  6. Hey, how do I set an equipment profile? I am not sure if there is documentation describing it but each time I run a quest it immediately banks all my armor so I'm out there fighting in the nude lul
  7. How do you manage botting so many accounts? What measures do you take in doing so?
  8. Hand done, played the first two days legitimately, the third day I ran the scripts as described above. With regards to Script Factory - which in particular do you feel are less secure? I actually am trying out the Script Factory so if there are major shortcomings to watch out for I will definitely take heed. Appreciate all the advice! I will keep updates rolling for the remainder of the month minimum. Best of luck everyone!
  9. So given the current position, no VPN, how does one proceed? I figure I've got the remaining 29 days of the VIP still so I might as well hop back on the horse. Is there IP based tracking?
  10. Yeah, it was all in f2p, I hand-played the account with quests and all for about two days prior to botting, the account was an HCIM.
  11. Quite an impressively short and disappointing run - joined OSBot 8:10AM Yesterday, banned by 7AM today. About my practices: Used Mirror Mode w/ New Mouse No Proxy Used the following scripts: Explv's AIO (VIP) Juggles' Ultimate AIO Fighter (Paid) Tasks via Explv's AIO: Mining Tin/Copper (SE Varrock) Smelting Bronze (Edgeville) Smithing Bronze Items (W Varrock) Mining Iron (Al-Kharid/SW Varrock) Smelting Iron (Edgeville) Smithing Iron Items (W Varrock) Short stint of Woodcutting: Trees at Draynor w/ Banking Firemaking Logs in Draynor Oak at
  12. Understood! Would be a solid idea to make the descriptions more verbose to explain that to prevent such confusion in the future. It's working fine now, however, after a few hours running, my main suggestion/request is as follows: Include a means (if not already existing, no obvious means as far as I can see) to train skills in order, for example train attack to 30 > train defense to 30 > train strength to 40 > etc etc Creating a list such that it will automatically run through the stats in the particular order without using shared etc. Thanks!
  13. What is the format of the eat %? eg. 85, 0 or 0, 85? Same with Run? I'll post up the screenshots later, right now I'll be mining
  14. I'd like a 24 hour trial - thanks!
  15. Just purchased but second guessing my decision given initial results - at present it isn't starting, sits on "Gather data" and causes the entire OSB window to become unresponsive. What is happening? What can be done?
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