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  1. Learning Java would probably be your best option, then you can look into creating your own scripts for OSBot.
  2. This website has the most flash games I believe: https://www.kongregate.com/ After that it may still be possible to download them and play them locally but most browsers moving forward won't be supporting Flash due to security issues.
  3. The new modes will bring a lot of longetivity and replay value to RuneScape. Leagues, seasonal DMM, and HCIM are great ideas that give many new ways to play the main game,.
  4. But those type of events bring new pull to the game and are part of what could push its past its original peak. Also some of the largest service orders are the ones for Trailblazer League, with many services starting over $100.
  5. I think that the game will surpass the all time peak of 250k players in the future that was seen in the 2007 era. This is great news for services everywhere. Old School Runescape Just Broke Its Concurrent Player Record
  6. It seems to happen quite often when my workers make them. We just started to create them with Gmails and we give our clients both the email info and OSRS info.
  7. One of the dogs just had puppies! Our orders have gone up a lot recently! We will continue to save many more.
  8. This looks amazing! Excited to see more advanced scripts.
  9. One of my friends has tried this and said that the ban rate was very low! I plan to test it out soon.
  10. They've done some social media work for my realty Instagram and are living the positive and inspirational lifestyle. So they've helped me with a lot of social media work like Instagram and Pinterest before this, but our OSRS orders are increasing and we can scale things 5-10x soon.
  11. It is great to see AI features being incorporated into newer bots, this should aid a lot in reducing banrate. I also look forward to the server-side mapwalking which will take load off the client and allow much more instances to be run.
  12. Some in the province lack the knowledge or compassion to care for animals, but we will continue to step in and save the ones that are abandoned. All of the animals the farmers have now are rescues and we plan to continue saving more in the future. The new house has lots of space available and we are looking to provide these dogs and cats with a better quality of life.
  13. So I started a RuneScape services recently and I have this great team in the Phillipines that is helping out. Recently they have moved into this new apartment and I thought that I would share some photos. One of the things they like to do when not playing RuneScape is rescuing dogs that are abandoned by others or do not have a home. They currently have 6 rescues and are looking into getting much more. We'll have a services thread down the line and we're excited to begin getting more customers. This last dog here was bathed in heating oil by the old owner in an attempt to remove fleas, but she now has a home and is on the way to recovery.
  14. I've been having my farmers set this up on most of the accounts that we've been creating. We plan to have Elite diaries done on all of them eventually.
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