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  1. In other mmorgp's you can do probably 90+% of the quests without ever needing some sort of external help or guide. The fact that even some of the most basic runescape quests take as long as they do without some sort of implicit guide telling you what to do is exactly what's wrong. No one has time for the quest tab information because it's cryptic content void of detail. I don't mind doing the quests that I've completely memorized at this point like some of the rfd ones, but besides that questing sucks. (Not saying we need arrows telling us where to go, just better quest descriptions)
  2. Sorry if this is an obvious question but. When you load up osbot and start a script does it inject all of the osbot API, or does it specifically select the bare minimum amount of packages/methods/functions/whatever needed to run that script?
  3. True, historically speaking they do cap A LOT about how "good" their bot detection is. I remember in their 2012 bot nuke claiming to have advanced their software, when realistically they just got inside info from an admin from a botting site XD
  4. I have essentially botted since the release day of osrs to around 2018 and here are my thoughts. After going through school and knowing one or two things about programming here's my question: I vaguely remember a Thursday dev stream (prob like 2016/17) where one of the mods mentioned something about the bot watch software and how they weren't even utilizing it for osrs. After seeing some data here a few years back comparing the pseudo-randomness used by these bot scripts compared to a human player, lets say chopping trees, the pseudo-random algorithms would produce mouse movements that were SIGNIFICANTLY different/detectable than a human subject (people playing osrs are more bot like than you would think). While this might have just been some sort of fever dream, I can also explicitly recall them saying something along the lines of "Even with a different IP and account (and whatever else they use to track data), we could still determine who you are based on user inputs". Does anyone else have a memory of this? or am I wrong? I really hope I'm wrong. Let us for a minute assume we had a database with all of the users connected to the internet right now. We have live data including: - Mouse movements (Mouse cords on a 2d array every x units of time) - Keystrokes, and the time in-between each keystroke - All strings typed/pasted - Website Cookies - Historical IP address data (since this can technically change a lot) and all other collectable data that I am leaving out XD I mean, sheesh. Seems like you could do a lot with that. Idk, maybe i'm too drunk to ask this but I have unironically thought about this for a long time now, given significantly more resources, time, and less of a conscious, this should theoretically be possible.
  5. This is literally what I was looking for, I was wondering if I could run a mach-VM or something of Linux to try and play the games I play, or try and to access the school work I use to see if I can write papers and open up .docx files and whatnot.
  6. I have recently been using Linux based school computers for c/c++ programming and have began to like it more and more. As I get older I find myself getting angrier and more distrustful of Microsoft (the constant ridicule of their ethics/practices from professors certainty doesn't help). Not only that but the control and cool security shit that you can implement also seems interesting. The fact that everything is open source, even most of the software built for Linux, gives a good sense of security even though I'm realistically never going to look through it. My main question is this: As someone who has grown up used to Mac and Windows OS what is the glaring problem or unfamiliarity's when trying to get used to Linux. Even though I have a good idea of how it works, the idea of wiping my computer's OS and replacing it scares me, what will I fuck up if I make the switch and so on. I know you don't necessarily have to worry about viruses but is that true, is there a good antivirus program I should have installed, I mean I wouldn't trust a computer running windows without malware-bytes and some other security software on top of that. On an entirely other note is video editing. It's not something I need, I just like to get intoxicated and make edits that I never post anywhere. Do programs like Sony Vegas and Adobe After Effects run as smothly as they do on windows (not to imply that they run smoothly to begin with).
  7. As someone who grew up with web 2.0 I was wondering if anyone knows of a project or site that might be compiling some of these older flash games like: learn to fly, kick the buddy, bloons, age of war, etc... Haven't actually played any of these in years and don't plan to any time soon, but it's sad to think they will cease to exist.
  8. Hey just wondering here, I know back when the inferno first came out people were using team viewer and whatnot to try and get capes since jagex was banning anyone who would hire someone to do your cape for you. Are they still doing this? or have they backed down?
  9. I have 5 accounts that need the following done: - 15-35 woodcutting - 1-19 crafting - 1-18 slayer - Animal Magnetism, Priest in Peril, and Ernest the Chicken. This needs to be done 5 times and please no botting, I would like it done by hand, please leave prices below or pm me a price.
  10. Here the requirements: - Animal Mag is done - 1 def - 15 prayer (you get this from quest rewards from animal mag) - idc about other combat stats
  11. looking to buy an obby mauler, I'm not being specific so i'll take a wide variety of options. I have plenty of maxed zerks and voiders but no chill accounts to edge pk on while chilling and smoking a shit ton. Attack : 1 Strength : 1-99 Defense : 1-60 Range : As low as possible please, no range based accounts Mage : (see range)
  12. was thinking about buying like 9 of them so i can multilog fish anglers all at once.
  13. How much would an account with 82 fishing and 100% piscarilius favor cost?
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