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  1. scotth

    Stealth Quester

    Thanks. I do actually. I will check it out
  2. scotth

    Stealth Quester

    Great script. Couple issues, but nothing restarting didn't fix most the time. Only complaint is I wish it did more (even though it does tons already!). Wish it did the varrock museum. Works great though. Have gotten through most the quests on a newish account. Felt good enough to use it on my main (99% botted with AHK).
  3. scotth

    Perfect Agility

    Good bot. No ban in the short time I ran it. Ended up buying it because it seems worth it to me. Thanks for the awesome script. Already had your perfect fighter so I figured it would be good.
  4. scotth

    Perfect Agility

    Thanks for the auth. If I manage not to get banned I'll be buying it. Thanks again
  5. scotth

    Perfect Agility

    Can I have a trial please?
  6. Doesn't matter if I am running 1 account or 10. Still happens. It doesn't freeze, it just doesn't click the welcome button and continue even though the logger says it does. It usually ends logged out in the long run. Sometimes the script stops sometimes it doesn't.
  7. The template didn't really fit the problems I am having so I will just try my best to explain them 1)Script gets stuck at welcome screen. The client log says it successfully dismissed the welcome screen but doesn't and then just sits there. 2)I can't get CLI to work. I have tried numerous times but it doesn't seem to work. In the debugger it says: [INFO][Bot #1][08/21 10:42:46 AM]: A) Checking if we have the weapon/shield equipped... Then nothing. I do not even have upgrading or equipping weapons enabled. java -jar "OSBot 2.5.87.jar" -debug 5005 -login osbotuser:osbotpass -bot botemail:botpw:0000 -script 758:Gfrog -proxy proxyIP:proxyPort:proxyUser:proxyPass -allow norender -world 437 Example of CLI above. Haven't had trouble with other scripts. Thanks for your time, Scott
  8. The log says that the welcome screen was solved but it isn't and gets stuck on the welcome screen. Using stealth injection and perfect fighter.
  9. Tried this script out. 5/5 accounts banned with less than 4 hours of botting, diff proxies, diff break schedules. Script seems like it works good but must be detectable. Would not recommend using unless you want to lose 300k per an account like me
  10. Bot is stuck at equipping bow and arrows, it equipped the bow but not the arrows and at opening freinds tab with the monk
  11. I just want to say this script is excellent. Unfortunately none of my accounts made it a full 24 hours but I am sure there is not any fault of the bot. I see people get 50+ runtimes all the time so it must have to do with my method (maybe a bad proxy but I used a different proxy per an account, so I'm not sure). With that being said, the script is flawless, fast, and made me ~350k an hour on each account for me (this does not include supply costs for running the bot). Once I figure out how to consistently get these 50h+ runtimes I will likely purchase this script and probably a few of your others. because I am really impressed with the quality. Probably the best script I have ever ran and doesn't even seem to hog system resources too heavily. If anyone knows how people bot 50+ hours straight and without being banned and is willing to share the secret please pm me and it will be greatly appreciated. I have been trying for months to figure out how people do this (have done membership codes, bonds(both buying on the account that used and using on another account), transfering gold to new acc, not transfering gold to new acc several proxy providers (most were crap and you could expect a ban in 6 hours or less a lot of the time), a vps that I made my own proxy with, and paid scripts.
  12. Can I please get a trial? I see lots of good reviews for this and want to give it a shot. If my accounts don't get banned within 24 hours then I will likely purchase.
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