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  1. can I get a free trial please
  2. does it work with slayer dart? and could I get a free trial?
  3. benmckay1

    Stealth Quester

    do you think I could get a free trial please? looks great
  4. Creating all farming accounts for your needs : MMF Accounts - 9 Mill each Zulrah accounts - 45Mil each basic zul stats Nmz accounts 60/60/60 - 20Mil Nmz accounts 70/70/70 - 25 Mil Custom pures - any levels- price varies Barrows accounts - All hand done Blast furnace accounts With or without coal bags (All hand done) Fishing accounts - (All hand done) Ironman accounts: Agility 1-70 full graceful or 99 Firemaking accounts (All hand done) Will fulfil whatever you ask for!

    1. Flarium


      add my discord, Axel#0420

  5. benmckay1

    Stealth Quester

    please could I Get a 48hr free trial
  6. please could I free trial :)?
  7. could I get a trial please
  8. I sent you a request benmckayyy#3182
  9. im not using a butler its just a basic 25 mage account with no other stats, so a different hosts house. But as soon as I press start on the bot it just starts pressing call servant. i just press 'lumbridge teleports, rimmington unnote, then use adv host' but nothing is working
  10. I'm currently trying to use the trial of the script, when I start it , the script just goes to house options and presses call servant, and that's it, have you heard of this before?
  11. - Script name plank maker/tab maker - trial length 2 days would be great - Reason for trial Im thinking of purchasing Bottingscripts for the first time- never done this before but it will most likely be one of yours-heard good things! - Are you ging to give feedback on the scrip:)
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