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  1. Can I have a trial please, I'm keen on buying a Blast Furnace script but wanted to compare yours first to Khal's one
  2. Can I have a trial please? I'm keen on buying it
  3. Can I have a trial please?
  4. Hello, can I have a trial daddy Khal?
  5. Yea my script hops worlds simultaneously, but when they're at world 463 or past it they keep getting stuck in a never ending cycle without hopping, whilst the code is literally the same as all previous worlds after triple checking it
  6. Hello, has anyone experiencing problems hopping worlds with their scripts? After today's update, my script wasn't able to hop past world 463/464 and every world past those. For all the "lower numbered" worlds it's still working perfectly, but I think the API below needs to get updates, since is might be buggy post-update getWorlds().getCurrentWorld()
  7. You'll eventually get banned, it's just a skill to enlarger the lifespan of your account, therefore try using: Not-heavily botted methods Findling low click intensity methods Private/selfmade scripts Residental proxies Some people convince others to use mirror mode for the cost of using more CPU, but I've got close to no bans with injection. Also just try a lot of stuff with accounts you're not willing to lose, trial and error + patience will get you very far
  8. I've messaged u with my discord
  9. Hello, does anyone have an up-to-date tutorial about setting up your VPS (Ubuntu 18.04) for botting? Every tutorial resulted in Putty crashing but all of them were 2+ years old, which might've been the reason
  10. @Kyocera That one looks very tempting to go for since it's viable for The Netherlands, thank you @lukey372 Sounds like daylight robbery, does that only occur on cheap/public VPS's or on the private/premium plans I was aiming to get?
  11. I've heard that dedi servers are more expensive compared to VPS's and with how much CPU/RAM they contain. I might be mistaken tho, u got any recommendations so I can compare?
  12. Hello, I'm planning on expanding my botfarm, but I need some VPS's suited for OSBot to get many more accounts running, whilst my computer can only handle 4 bots max (injection). Anyone knows a good VPS which they can vouch for? And also, does webwalking really bump up the CPU (since I make all my scripts myself) and so ain't it recommended to have webwalking scripts on a VPS?
  13. Thanks a lot Naked , the while loop probably broke my script and it seems to be working perfectly after adjusting to what you sent me. This will keep me away from upcoming obstacles in the future hopefully.
  14. Hello, I'm recently experiencing issues with hopping worlds, although 2 days ago it worked flawlessly in testing. It seems to not scroll to the world tab menu and also not click on the next world as stated. I tried opening the world selector before starting my script but nothing seemd to do the job. Is my script suddenly broken or is it something with OSBot what's causing this? (I'm kinda new into scripting, also without any programming experience, so I'm here just testing the waters so please don't offend me in the way I code things lmao, I'm already happy if it does the job )
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