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  1. hey, is it possible to get a repair pouch from the abyys option with the mind rune crafting? can use the duel ring to tele to ferox enclave then run south to the mage to tele inside? thanks
  2. i dont sorry i only have my one main thats 95. are you trying to get a new acc to 95?
  3. whats the ban rate on stealth? my mirror mode isnt working anymore
  4. my screen goes black after loading hooks but it was fine yesterday? is this happening to everyone or....... [INFO][07/20 07:18:14 PM]: Welcome to OSBot 2.6.28! [INFO][07/20 07:18:15 PM]: Loaded 2 RS accounts! [INFO][07/20 07:18:16 PM]: Script list refreshed and loaded 22 scripts. [INFO][07/20 07:18:25 PM]: Updated injection hooks for client revision : 197! [DEBUG][Bot #1][07/20 07:18:25 PM]: Initializing mirror client bot... [INFO][07/20 07:18:25 PM]: Started bot #1 [INFO][Bot #1][07/20 07:18:53 PM]: Initializing 39 API modules...
  5. hey, any updates on 95+ worlds my g?
  6. hey, you can go into cc's like splashworlds but they will only give you the 95+ world if you show them you are 95+ then offer you a discord to join for locations in ardy they are splashing. if you have a 95+ account it might be worth joining and seeing all the places they try hide. doing the 95 world is a lot nicer then the normal south bank though i found!
  7. hey, is it possible to add more then the 2 ardy knight options? with 95+ you can enter cc's for knights that dont move and is much much better for thieving but they change the location often. would it be possible to maybe tag the night you want to thieve or make it so you cant leave the spot you start at and just thieve the one you are next too? thanks
  8. Could i get a trail please my good man?
  9. does the script move the mouse off the screen when afking say magics or redwoods? thanks
  10. whats the bans like with this? could i get a trial please?
  11. looks like from the wikki you can get some decent exp an hour doing the mind runes. would be cool if added gl x
  12. is it possible to add mind runecrafting using the arceuus spell book ?
  13. any reports of bans recently using this my friend ?
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