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  1. Yes, OO (Original Owner) is always able to recover an account. It does not matter if an account has no email set or not. It is a myth that this decreases the chances of recovery, literally does not matter. What you do know if the account has no email set is that the password provided is the original password. But does not matter since you'll probably not able to recover the account anyways. Don't trade this guy, he's trying to scam you
  2. Lungo77

    Delete Cache

    Could someone please link me the guide to delete jagex cache when being banned? Am not able to find it. Thanks alot!
  3. Lungo77


    When the bot dies it just afks in lumbridge. Am I doing something wrong?
  4. to be more specific when i check java version in terminal: openjdk version 1.8.0_252
  5. 1. Is it launching when you double click it the jar? It is launching, Just when I select a mode and start it i get that in termial. 2. Are you using java 8? Yep 3. What mode? I want to do mirror mode but it does it with both @Protoprize
  6. hey im new to ubuntu and all, started a vm installed java, and when i type: java -jar osbot.jar it opens up correctly, but when i click on launch i get this error in my terminal Injected 2 field list filters Injected 2 field filters Injected 2 method list filters Injected 2 method list Sorry for a noob question googled it and none of the solutions worked
  7. Lungo77

    Stealth Quester

    Do you need to purchase the quest items before running the script?
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