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  1. Can I get a trial on this pal? Cheers
  2. Ah it must have changed since back in the day when I did it manually, cheers bud
  3. Using now, very nice script here dude. Will certainly purchase the full product. I have an idea for your Arceuus area of the script, when receiving tasks from the people in the library, would it not be more efficient for the bot to receive all tasks and then grab all books rather than grabbing a task per book? Cheers anyway
  4. would it be possible to get a trial? Cheers
  5. I do Papaya's on the same run and they plant and pay correctly
  6. Currently not paying to look after the patch meaning upon logging back in for the next run, the trees are dead. Because the trees are dead the bot doesn't clear the patch just hops to the next run. This is happening on Yew Tree's at all city patches.
  7. I lot got one major quashed, then it got banned 6 months later 1900+ account with a huge amount of wealth. As stated above you get lucky once doesn't mean it'll happen again.
  8. Weird because I stopped the bot for a bit and it worked flawlessly after and got the full outfit. Cheers. Copped a 2 day ban overnight after running the bot, not complaining thanks for the full outfit.
  9. After a run the bot stands still, won't look at the net/loot and get back onto the ship. Manually checking net and getting back onboard.
  10. xWizardx

    Stealth NMZ

    looking for a small trial please
  11. Perfect Herblore - I believe this is a progressive bot, any tips for letting the bot do "99 in one click"? Edit: nevermind I'm going to purchase anyway seems the best out of all scripts advertised on osbot
  12. Managed to win an appeal on this. It was set to 10 plants as it was doing alright the day before I believe on 8. Just couldn't understand the two crashing, surely being stood in the exact same place for a long amount of time could have caused this. As I say it doesn't matter about the ban I was more making you aware of the crashing. Cheers
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