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  1. Can I have a trial?
  2. An option to run it at absolute full speed, no idling for 1-2 hours. Then completely stop for 10-30 minutes then go back at it.
  3. interactions with the butler and transitioning from him/to him is too sped up in my opinion. Also the idling, it should just go all in until it just stops for a break. Intervalling, which is what people normally do when training cons. I've been hit with the hammer twice using this script on low level accounts where i was experimenting.
  4. We should be able to toggle the GUI by pressing it, to check chat etc/not appear so botlike. The script gets confused if you start it anywhere other than the Ferox Enclave and just freezes. Would make sense to have options as for how to deal with pkers. (Fight back and eat/run/let them kill you/ type "gg" or something) The banking does not work correctly for me/very botlike. It randomly teleports to Burthrope with my combat bracelet twice, then uses the ring of dueling to go to the Ferox Enclave? ----------------------------------------------------------- Small annoyance, the log gets flooded with the following: and uses up unneccesary memory. For me these messages show up like 50 times every 3 seconds. [INFO][Bot #1][08/07 12:27:38 AM]: get Checked [INFO][Bot #1][08/07 12:27:38 AM]: Crazy not null [INFO][Bot #1][08/07 12:27:38 AM]: Turn on quick prayer [INFO][Bot #1][08/07 12:27:38 AM]: crazy is talking [INFO][Bot #1][08/07 12:27:38 AM]: get Checked --------------------------- The camera movement / slow eating / random teleporting makes me hesitate if its worth running in its current state. ust feels like this release needed more testing.
  5. Any chance for option to make it run slower?
  6. ccigam


    I'm sure they are, I was wrong about the alching issue btw. It doesn't work with any items in mirror mode. It always stops around 250 casts, no matter what item. But none of the Magic bots I've been using have this issue with alching in mirror mode, so something is wrong with the alching part.
  7. ccigam


    Thanks for clearing things up and giving a detailed explanation.
  8. ccigam


    [INFO][07/22 07:21:59 AM]: Welcome to OSBot 2.6.29! [INFO][07/22 07:22:00 AM]: Loaded 2 RS accounts! [INFO][07/22 07:22:03 AM]: Script list refreshed and loaded 12 scripts. [INFO][07/22 07:22:06 AM]: Updated injection hooks for client revision : 197! [DEBUG][Bot #1][07/22 07:22:07 AM]: Initializing mirror client bot... [INFO][07/22 07:22:07 AM]: Started bot #1 [INFO][Bot #1][07/22 07:22:56 AM]: Initializing 39 API modules... [INFO][Bot #1][07/22 07:23:12 AM]: Loaded 4 built-in random solvers! [INFO][Bot #1][07/22 07:23:38 AM]: [x=2528, y=3371, z=0] [INFO][Bot #1][07/22 07:23:38 AM]: [x=2530, y=3372, z=0] Here's my log for alching rune arrows while cannoning, it just stops after doing 251 alchs, keeps refilling cannon tho. Other items work fine so idk how its a mirror issue, I have a ton of arrows so this is kinda silly, can you test a fix please?
  9. Any updates to the script? Can I get a trial too btw?
  10. Any way to slow it down mr.Stealth? Like make an option to be slower and more human so it doesn't hand out bans. I really loved it lol and want to use it after you update.
  11. Ran fast mode, mirrored and only for a couple hours at a time. I got both my main and pure hit a ban after a day or two. Script works really well, only reason I can think of as to why they got banned is because the script trains way too fast. Ran no other scripts
  12. ccigam


    Can I have a trial for this script?
  13. Sand crabs trial please if possible.
  14. ccigam


    Can you add low alching for leveling new accs?
  15. ccigam


    Sure I will join the discord in your sig and give you data.
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