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  1. I want my batch script to open multiple bot tabs in a single OSBot instance because I believe it to be more efficient in terms of memory. Is that the case? Or am I better off just running multiple instances?
  2. Great work, Pact. I think this is the eventual future of low level script writing: an easy to use middle man interacts with a well-maintained module that does the actual heavy lifting. No sense re-inventing the wheel when you've got every script that could ever exist basically written for you.
  3. Edit: I found it, never mind! It's -mirror. I was looking for it in the allow command's parameters.
  4. Did you have to build the client yourself, or follow that really annoying guide to get this to work? I'm aware that I needed the client. That's why I was asking, since last I checked it's pretty hard to get it to work on Linux and I didn't want to jump through all those hoops again before knowing it would actually attach on Linux.
  5. That's my thought too, but... you'd think, since they're Jagex, they know as well as we do that it's possible their spaghetti code could accidentally ban the entire userbase automatically, so they avoid using such systems if they can avoid it. That's literally the only reason I doubt they actually have automated bans. They're also cheap, so the 19 year old intern they have on staff to ban accounts probably isn't going to put in any weekend hours, either.
  6. You should make a "botting@home" distributed computing project for OSBot members to run in the background. Let it run bot experiments on their machines and log all the causes and effects. I'd run it if it means the quality of our software gets better. Come to think of it, my "botting@home" idea could also include a feature that tells people to play on the account normally for a few minutes for the humanistic analyzer to study. From the behavior data, you would probably gather even more data than Jagex has in terms of how a human plays. You'd be able to see attention spans, reaction speed, decision trees, input habit variations... everything. And in my head, it doesn't seem like a complicated thing to gather, which is important. Gathering should be easy. The data gathered is timeless. All that matters in the early stages is that you have it, and you have as rich of detail as possible. You don't have to have good (or any at all) analysis capabilities right away. That data will be just as good a decade down the line as it was the minute it was recorded.
  7. The title says it all, but I'm wondering if somehow building or obtaining the OSRS client would make it possible. I understand that Mirror Mode attaches TO the default client and "pilots" it. The problem is, Linux has no official client... which basically necessitates the use of Windows OR requires the client to be somehow built for Linux, which there ARE guides for. However, I'm wondering if this would be futile. If the official client was built for Linux, that doesn't mean that Mirror Mode would be guaranteed to work, as operating systems typically need even the simplest of things to be ported and tested since they're so different from each other.
  8. You have to do it from your command prompt in Windows. If you've ever used a Raspberry Pi, you'd be very used to the command line. IMO, this is much better than a clickable EXE because it means you can save shell scripts that run specific scripts on specific accounts in specific configurations.
  9. If that's the case, does that mean the accounts I did it on are marked for death already? They've been fine so far, and it's been a couple days.
  10. IIRC, suicide bots don't get banned until Monday morning... or at least that used to be the case. Is this still a thing, or has automation taken over? If it's still doable, what's a generally workable schedule window to run these bots within? Thanks, all! I know most of you are probably "smart botters", but I know there's got to be some that still use grandpa's old suicide bot method from the 2006 golden days!
  11. Maxi, this AI is very impressive work. Anything is better than nothing, I say. Do you think the AI might also be used in other areas, such as "ban cause detection"? You could probably teach it to somehow analyze which accounts get banned and which don't, and what variables they did not share in their "personification" profile. Also, I'm curious. Would we have the option to "train" this AI by playing on our own? The "human profile" could be founded in the bot owner's personal play style, and then the AI could "fork" from there. I imagine this could have a lower detection rate as opposed to having a randomly generated personification profile that could just as easily be generated by two bots on opposite sides of the planet at the same time, if you know what I'm trying to say. Who knows, maybe forking a human's behavior would increase the detection rates for all I know. Anyways, this is impressive and I can't wait to try it.
  12. I was just curious. I know it's not likely to trigger a ban since Jagex SHOULD see it as the stock OSRS client, but you never know. I'm curious if anyone has experience in the area. I want to devise a safe way to log into and use my stored accounts to check for bans (without actually triggering one) as I've safe-shelved quite a few of them. Would I be better off just logging into them manually on a regular RuneLite setup on a separate machine? Thank you!
  13. Interesting. So, what should I do on them to make sure they won't be delay banned? Just play on them normally for a few days prior to retiring them?
  14. Woah really? Does anyone know what it is? I raised 40+ legits and never got banned. AFK splashed and manual questing. All survived.
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