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  1. I use its assumptions to steer my script development. If it thinks a certain location or task is "botty", I change it and the confidence goes back to real player.
  2. You're just as well off using a home desktop and running a bunch of bots on that, too. I haven't heard much on VMs and generating MAC addresses. Also, I think you could probably get away with ~25-30 bots on that if you VM them properly.
  3. Agility was designed to be unenjoyable and terrible, so only do it an hour or two a day and train other things while you wait.
  4. I've heard a lot of these ban stories over many years and I think there's always going to be a visible minority of people with bad luck that offer speculation as to what really gets you banned. From my own experience (botting since ~2006), Jagex is very stupid and/or lazy and they always will be (they have to be). Botting is so easy (because the tools and means to do it are easy to make and get) that the majority of their playerbase either does it or profits from it (RWT, muling, etc)... so they're never going to ramp up the strength all the way. They can't. They're going to be lazy, and they're going to ban you for obvious things, like bugging out and clicking a bank stall for two hours (I lost a noob account to this a week ago). When you start behaving differently from other account running the same script, you are comparatively much safer. There will ALWAYS be a random chance of a ban, but it goes drastically down when you have your own private/different behavior. I don't think wall clicking is as bad as you might think, because Runelite users entity highlight all the time now with no bans. As for minimap clicking, I think that could be suspicious, but I doubt Jagex even sees it. Run some tests and find out, maybe?
  5. Well, it did log in back at your own home IP... that could make it harder to prove. I'd say, fake hack it from yourself using a VPN so it looks hijacked, and just run Zulrah 10 hours a day. Dump gold to something other than your home IP. This is my best guess, since I know little about muling.
  6. If your account gets banned after logging in, it could have been a delayed ban. It can trigger a timer AFTER you log in. I don't get why Jagex does this, because it gives people a chance to dump gold, but oh well... It's still a thing, I think.
  7. I've only ever used Proxifier, in which case OSBot doesn't know or care how the OSRS client is interfacing with the outside world. It just reads memory and sends input, like always. I don't know how the stealth mode proxy system works, because I don't use stealth.
  8. Oh, I see. So it's almost like the scripter has to write the logic of unlocking certain "improvements", but not WHEN to do this thins, as the hive engine will be in charge of deciding what to unlock and when?
  9. This is exciting news. Can you elaborate on how this hive botting API/behavior might impact how a "small" script might behave (without vs. with)? For example, one that's designed to kill chickens, move to cows, and then move to hill giants, or some other linear content progression? The way it's described, would it simply make it "suck at it" at first, and get better? Meaning, the "person" behind the personification technology simply "fake learns", and this knowledge is remembered and carries forward into new content that the same script is told to do? Or perhaps it's even client-wide, and doesn't localize to a single script?
  10. The question still stands, though... I can't figure out how to add two integer variables together in Script Factory. I've seen @Zackaery 's tutorials and I don't recall seeing that done, so maybe it's just not possible?
  11. Have you ever ran bots on the same machine? Same IP address? Have you ever exchanged wealth between botted accounts and your main? Have you ever logged your main into a bot client with Stealth (not mirror)?
  12. I've noticed that Script Factory has a similar feature already out right now. Can you elaborate on its sidedness (server or client), and how long it will take to train? Or, will it be telemetry based, combining play data from thousands of humans and then using that to create an algorithm that can be seeded, or will it be stored locally and used only to seed local accounts? That way, a new customer would only need to connect and get a "personification profile" from the server, but it runs the risk of being similar to anyone else who connects. I'm not an expert so I don't know what the sweet spot is between individuality and convenience.
  13. I can't see anything in the docs about it, and "perform operation" doesn't accept variable names.
  14. I'm trying to start scripts by name and there's no examples in the CLI thread. It only says to use: script:parameters Also, what if there are no parameters? What if I just want to start the script?
  15. I interpreted it as a fatigue system similar to that of Script Factory. I think the AI is "shallow" like they say in that it is only applied to certain things like wait times. I don't see how any AI could actually change script behavior without a rewrite of the scripts themselves, so that's best explained by them.
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