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  1. 12m + you pay supplies+bond
  2. Im have 32 days for 3M im have 32 days for 3M
  3. Check Price: Membership 32 days I'm have fresh accounts with membership 32 days and i can put in other accounts if u want
  4. i can do this 60M add discord
  5. Okay, Who should I give the money to? I have everything but I'm not at home, I feel qualified to pay
  6. Here I will explain my point of view. I did for the 2 island tutorial + I received money and gear for the service 5 minutes later the account was locked, I warned you and the account was unblocked but then it was banned without razar, I have proof that I was playing from runelite. in the following image shows, that the account was connected from runelite before it was disconnected Here I show the last levels obtained from runelite of the 2 accounts I hope this is enough to take into account that I do not use bot or anything strange in the account, it was just a bad experience. That it was not my fault, it's just jagex
  7. Harley Quiin


    5m Add discord
  8. 5.5M Hunter 3.5M Runecrafting add discord you need my service
  9. i can do all add discord you need my service
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