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  1. could i get a trail please cheers
  2. could i get trail for Rooftop Agility please thanks mate
  3. does this supprt fariy rings for raw kara? and also could i please get like a 2 hour trail or something cheers
  4. looking for accounts with range around 85 and around 40+ def with 60+ hp! or anything close!
  5. wanting to sell 100mil more! at 0.68 paypal must be sent as friends and family and you pay fees
  6. selling 220m for 0.68 pp please comment your discord below , only taking paypal , you pay fees
  7. 220M PP 0.7/M , comment your discord below need it gone , must send as family and friends and u pay fees
  8. hey bro still need it? have 220m for sale
  9. have 220m for sale bro happy to use mm
  10. wanting to sell 220m 07 gold for 0.72/per mil with paypal! comment your discord and i will add you , happy to use middleman [you pay fees]
  11. selling 150m for 0.75/mil please post your discord and i will add u or add me discord - kinkyyhobo#5529
  12. hey bro i can do it for 15gp/xp
  13. what kind of stats are you after i have a 60/55/55 with 75 range and 81 mage with 50 quest points never botted on
  14. whats posting anything going to do? i have emails saying the auth is trying to be taken off! , email was changed and so was password
  15. https://osbot.org/forum/profile/249317-mamu-31cm/ bought a 1 def pure from this person 2 months ago , they just recovered account today , i spent 10mil on mage getting the stats up and gear! have messaged the person and not had a reply , have the email from jagex saying password not working , they have also tried to disable the auth
  16. Buying 100mil gold bitcoin at 0.65mil
  17. have $34 usd or $25 usd in bitcoin wanting to buy gold with it all
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