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  1. honestly, not looking to mess around, i just want the account sold, im not going to scam anyone, i get rsgp u get the account fully secured, im done with rs and just want some money as i have some upcomming bills
  2. stats: 50 attack 99 strength 1 defence 99 range 99 magic 95 constitution 70 agility has full graceful desert treasure done 10 days membership 6m wealth username login will sell if you are verified on osbot, can change email to yours ect
  3. 2004 touring and the most iconic and my personal favourite thing about the subies is the sound
  4. im also buying one, pm me if OP has bought one
  5. mines working, try downloading osbot or refreshing your GUI in the interfaces.
  6. its because of new update, give it time
  7. carlin99


    contact me on skype: live:hcboys_1
  8. can make them for you, add my skype: live:hcboys_1
  9. bot was just updated for new interfaces, give it a couple hours and you'll be good
  10. carlin99

    Stealth Quester

    use preset gear. you pick how many runes ect you want the bot to buy, its really simple and is a great bot, ive never had to babysit.
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