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  1. Disputed member: https://osbot.org/forum/profile/291245-deadpk3r/ Thread Link: Explanation: I ordered a private script from him on the 2nd of December. We agreed on the price and time on OSbot PMs before switching over to discord to handle the exchange. I paid him the agreed price, and he started working on the script. Later down the line he reported having IRL issues, which I was sympathethic towards. Its been almost 2 months since my last contact with him, despite trying to contact him several times over the past month. Evidence: [hidden]
  2. I'm looking for accounts with at least 70 fletching, don't care for other stats. I prefer hand trained, but botted is okay as long as the accounts are rested. I'm looking for around 5 - 10, depending on what you can provide, and your prices.
  3. Got a temp ban, but it was because a script was messing up.
  4. You can create a rule on Proxifier to exclude an application from the proxy (by setting the ip to, which means localhost). But I'm not sure if you can single out runelite as an application, because I think the process is called Java when it's running, so excluding "Java" would defeat the purpose, since that would exclude the mirror stuff too. So I think the workaround you're doing is your best option. That being said, if you want to regularly play your main whilst botting, you could set up a VM and bot inside of that.
  5. I had the same issue when I installed java 11. I fixed it by setting the java PATH to the java 8 folder (bin?). I don't remember exactly how I did it, but I followed something I googled. You don't have to uninstall it, but rather alter what the default java is.
  6. I put my variables outside of onLoop and not in onStart. Haven't ran into any issues with that. Why not do oldCoins - newCoins = coinChange, and when banking/using do oldCoins = coinChange, so you don't mess it up after you've banked? I hope I haven't misunderstood the question here.
  7. RAM is the most important thing. The general formula is 1gb = 1 acc, more hungry scripts can consume around 1.2gb of ram, and simple scripts can do 0.7gb. You can always attempt to squeeze more out of cores with no rendering/low cpu mode (low cpu can break scripts if they aren't coded to support it). I can only advice you to not be too optimistic, vps providers tend to oversell their resources, which could mean unexpected spikes in cpu/ram usage
  8. I'm using datacenter ip's and I'm doing just fine. Haven't tried amazon before tho.
  9. Yeah, if else statements is basically the extent of my java knowledge atm. Task based certainly looks cleaner from what I've seen, but I don't really understand it. I've been following a course on udemy for java, but I'm only about 15% done with it, maybe I'll get back to it when I have some free time. Thanks for your input, appreciated.
  10. Nice. How long since you botted actively on this acc?
  11. Hey, good to see you here friend. Bans can be pretty random. I've botted to 60 smithing with smelting bronze bars for shits and giggles. F2p, nothing else done except for lvl 3 mining. Then I decided to suicide it and see how far my script could go. It survived for 16 hours until ban. Funny thing is, last december I had the same idea as you with botting a fresh account to see how far I could get. I ended up getting bored after around 2-3 months and forgot about it. I just recently saw the .txt file where I saved the email and pass. Logged in and it said like 260 days since last login. Has several stats in the 70s - 90s. Botted an activity for 2-3 hrs at a time before switching to another activity. 10-12 minute break every 40 - 50 minutes. I probably would do it differently today, but it worked. Happy botting, and happy new years.
  12. Haha, watched that vid when it came out. These scripters ain't loyal
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