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  1. Ok sent a request Sasha#6842
  2. Hello all, I need a vps setup and will pay btc, I don't know how hard of a job it is or how long but I am under the impression that it is pretty easy I just have no coding knowledge.
  3. Could i get an auth please, I am an avid customer of all your scripts!
  4. @Czar This may be kind of unreasonable to ask for, but I figured I'd ask anyway. Think there's any way it would be possible to integrate tick manipulation with a herb and tar for granite and sandstone mining? I'm not sure how difficult it would be code wise to do this but if it were possible, it would basically double the xp rates from this script. Same can be said of perfect fisher with barbarian fishing.
  5. You're good to go dude. I used 1 pre-recorded set of mouseclicks sped up at 4x speed to clean a full inv of herbs, bank, get more, and repeat. would play that for like 4 - 5 hrs at a time. Got me from 50 all the way to 90. No bans. Wouldn't necessarily recommend that but its harder to time things such as banking multiple inventories when you're speeding up a recording. I did the exact same thing with plank make/tan leather. Same story, would run them both for 4 - 5 hrs at a time to 99 mage. Zero problems whatsoever. But you have to make sure your zoom/camera is aligned in such a way that its i
  6. Has anyone gotten high runecrafting with this script? In my experience runecrafting is the skill in which I experience the highest ban rate, even without using an actual botting client and using tools like AHK. Every time I've used this script in the past, to do some lavas I would get handed a 2 day ban immediately afterwards. Wouldn't suicide bot either, just run it for a couple hrs with breaks in between
  7. @Chuckle do you hire ppl to play all those accounts to kill corp? Or do you run a bot on each of them? How does that work
  8. @Czar the teleport to seers option for the seers course is busted at the moment. It was working just fine yesterday but now it doesnt work at all
  9. I'm having the exact same problem. Script is broken and doesn't work at the moment
  10. I want to buy this, only thing stopping me is I'm seeing a bunch of comments where people are saying it glitches out for cleaning herbs. I'm pretty much going to exclusively be cleaning herbs so if it doesn't work for that, script is kinda pointless for me. Can anyone give an update on the status of how the script works for cleaning?
  11. @Czar can I get a trial please? Loved all your other scripts I've tried so far, especially the fighter one. Got me 75 slayer easy peasy
  12. Thanks man, this script is dope af. Amazing money given the requirements

  13. When I double click your eth alcher script jar file, literally nothing happens. Whats supposed to happen?

  14. @Czar confirmed potion repotted is busted. I never type +6, only a regular number like 5 or 6. 100% of time, script waits till im below a +3 boost to repot. Btw congrats on scripter 3, wasn't aware you achieved that!
  15. @Czar there's a glitch with the potion setup. The default setting is it will repot when you're potted to +3. When I change it to a higher number like +5 or +6 it doesn't work, it continues to wait till I'm < +3 melee boost to drink another dose of super str and atk.
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