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  1. looking for a free 24hr trial, thanks! ~nubonix
  2. Topic: Bug Report Quest: RFD Cook's Subquest Problem: Does not include a `rotten tomato` when delivering the quest items to the cook. Also repeats this dialogue forever, however, I know this is how loops work though Solution: `Buy` a `rotten tomato` from `Fadli` in the dueling arena next to the bank chest before return to the cook
  3. You may not have the requirements, please be sure to check the OSBot Logger for details and post accordingly. Also, please note that RFD Cook's subquest is required before any other RFD subquest. Why RFD cook's subquest exists and is not included in the other subquests I do not know.
  4. @Token It was supposed to complete the dialogue with king narod (at the very end of the quest, underground pass) and then start another quest afterwards. (reiterating so you don't have to search for my comment/post) Poggers, jw, how many lines of code is this...? Thank you!
  5. Ok. Good to know you are still developing the bot. Thank you & Thank you for creating this bot! Favor is no fun
  6. Topic: Bug Report OSBot Logger: INFO][Bot #1][05/17]: failed to find stage [INFO][Bot #1][05/17]: position: [x=1311, y=10205, z=0]; next: The Ascent Of Arceuus; queue: 2; member: true; mirror: true; input: false, resized: false [INFO][Bot #1][05/17]: running quest: The Ascent Of Arceuus; current stage: 12 repeats this till i stop the bot
  7. House: Arceuus Topic: Bug Report Status: Bot needs to be babysat. - Bug #1 - Sometimes fails to search bookshelf, therefore does not add the bookshelf to the `searched` list, stalling the bot from doing anything else - Bug #2 - Does not climb to the highest floor level using the stairs in the N.W. corner of the library
  8. Bug report: - keeps trying to place a bird snare in the grand exchange...
  9. Probably the most amazing script for oldschool runescape period. (especially underground pass, and the walking when fighting the guard in holy grail, just wow man, super amazing) however, would like to report 1 bug that i found, does not complete the dialog for underground pass when the quest is completed (talking to king narod)
  10. at 33, fails to build kitchen (stands at bank) https://imgur.com/a/93O8TG3
  11. Needs to withdraw a saw & hammer before trying to build things for the servant (the banking right before building a bell)
  12. I've added/implemented (and got this to work) the script above to my main.java in the onLoop method, however, this only works for the first login, and I cant figure out how to make the account re-log back in to get another login code, suchas when I am banned and forcibly logged out. I get the error code 5, and I have my script setup so it tries and log back in, using the same method as onStart does (and I know this works because the bot wont login if i comment this out). How I am logging in via onStart is with loginToAccount(email, pass) SUMMARY: if forcibly logged out, how do I get an er
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