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  1. bot won't even run for me post nerf. I literally bought this two days ago, rip me.
  2. Start the bot, gets to zulrah boat then just teles back
  3. is the 35m a/w ags pure sold?

    1. skezy


      if not ill buy now message me for skype

  4. skezy

    45m gp for the pure :)

    1. Dan


      add me on skype

  5. bought 20m from bogla tysm :)

  6. Did you add my skype? yes, talking now What service are you looking for? several quests towards b gloves Do you agree to the TOS? yes
  7. Hey, 


    I'm interested in the staff of the dead pure :)


    still for sale? 


    pm me pls

  8. I need several quests including dig site, temple of ikov, dt and some others
  9. Hey just bought gold but live chat is off

  10. Skype: sk3zie Understand that I am low feedback but I'm in the process of getting up the postcount/feedback as I'm new to the forums Cheers guys!
  11. skezy

    Frost Barrows

    This looks incredible!
  12. Looking for 200-250m, pm me skype please.
  13. Still got any? looking for 250m
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