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  1. what script for charter buying?
  2. i've bought 2k points So far, and im still buying more/looking for long-term workers
  3. Semp


    1st - 77 wc skiller with wc pet -20-30m 2nd -39-39-39 with 44 pray and 72 mage + pet- 30-50m to be honest it depends how much someone values the pet you have though.
  4. Buying 1000 Pc points on account's that can use Veteran Boat (5 Points per Game) using range so the melee stats are unaffected. All supply's will be provided. NO BOTTING ALLOWED! Post your discord tag/skype here and I will contact you. Willing to Middleman everything. Buying multiple orders of 1k points (so if your able to do multiple accounts at once let me know) You will have to put a deposit down for the account if you are untrusted. thanks
  5. Probably the update, a few of my scripts are doing the same things.
  6. Semp


    I personally use Blockchain.info , using Coinbase is alright but a fair amount of users eventually switch wallets to even something such as Electrum or something. Definitely worth it when people will sell gold for Bitcoin as cheap as .93 these days
  7. It's more of opening 10 clients, and getting them all into one world at once which seems to be an error
  8. Sorry i'm not quite sure what you mean by the "logging in at once, or log in one by one"
  9. Or sponsor! But yeah even with sponsor or VIP still curious to how to get it up and running!
  10. Hello! I've been able to run as many accounts in 1 world as I want on Osbuddy, but when I attempt to login 10 into one single world using the Osbot client it doesn't seem to work for some particular reason. If anyone has a link or a guide to a solution to this it would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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