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  1. Hi. I'm selling virgin proxies for $0.10/proxy. The minimum order is 300 proxies. I can do any country. I also offer virgin proxies for a wide array of sites (RS included), for more details just ask. I'm also selling API access for virgin proxies, with multiple options (Select country, proxy type [i.e. HTTP/SSL/SOCKS4/5], website for so guaranteed virgin ip) the prices for that will vary depending on how many you need on a daily or monthly basis. For more info just contact me, prices are excellent. I can give you API access with no limitation at all, meaning you can generate as many you need, 100/per/request (no firewall) for $300/month. Payment methods: Either BTC or RSGP.
  2. Can i get a trial please my boy?

  4. like this message and the spirit of seeker will bring you many great things

  5. Sounds like I hit a nerve. XDD mad old man sending paragraph response of delusional behaviour
  6. > Valentines day > You know your girl has fucked some other guy > XDD
  7. seeker

    oh chris

    shut up i repped white chatbox ill rep white discord xd
  8. haha guess meth kid trailer park boi mad ;-))

    1. Greengo


      broken record.... cant be fixed might aswell throw away lelelel

      classic libtard who knows nothing lives in delusional world who thinks everything is what he has lived and nothing can be any different elsewhere 

      if i was you yeah i would be mad LUL

    2. seeker


      Delusional schizophrenia hahaha  XD

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