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  1. Can I get a trial please boss
  2. Looks like all of OSBot is having difficulty interacting with certain objects, pretty sure Jagex did something with the last update. Adding to this, the grate in Plague city and the cauldron that you put a rotten tomato into in Biohazard both fail to be recognised.
  3. sMuseumCleaner Available on the Script Network This is a fairly simple script that just cleans finds at the Varrock Museum and then uses all lamps it gets on Slayer for some easy Slayer experience on your skiller or other limited build. Just make your way to the Varrock Museum and enter the area where you clean finds. Make sure you've got leather gloves and boots equipped, start the script and enjoy! NOTE: Gather all the finds that you need to put in the displays, and put them in before running the script, this should only take 5 minutes. The items you need are: Pottery, Old symbol, Ancient symbol, Old coin and Ancient coin. You can see where to put them on the wiki. Requirements: The Dig Site Leather gloves and Leather boots Having placed all the display finds in their displays If you have any questions or experience any bugs comment on this thread or PM me on Discord: GodSpawn#4292
  4. Was having this same issue, not sure about the gems because I didn't bot that far in but it just auto runs to the westside
  5. Yo I'm tripping out I bought the script like a day ago, ran it for a few minutes and it just mined an inventory of pay-dirt then sat there and did nothing, restarted and changed a few settings around and same issue. Just tried it again like 5 minutes ago with some more settings changed around (in case the settings were the issue) and it once again spazzed the fuck out. Genuinely believe this account is gonna get banned now but idgaf I'm just using it to test scripts before I use them on accounts I care about. But anyways this time around the script just clicked one ore on one side of the mine then clicked on one near it and just did that for like 15 seconds before I stopped it. It wasn't mining any ores just running inbetween 2 veins (no one else on the world so wasn't like the veins were mined at all. I'm not using mirror mode and here's the Log from my latest run
  6. Stay clear for now, it's a quick ban. Tested on 3 accounts, all had only used this bot (unless we go like 2 years back). All received 2 day bans after a few hours.
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