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  1. Do you use a VPN? Did you bot on your home IP? Was the account registered on your home IP? Did you try to recover the account before logging in and seeing the ban? If you botted on the same IP that the account was registered to then there's no point in selecting "the account was hijacked" because they check that and will just send you a copy paste response on how they "manually reviewed the ban and how it was not done in error, but good news is it's only a temporary ban and will be able to log into the account once the time has been served."
  2. The servant will start walking away it'll lose where it is and leave the house then re-enter and it'll be fine for about 5 minutes then the servant will wander off again and it'll go back outside to reset it instead of just calling the servant. Occasionally it won't fully lose track of the servant but it'll chase it across the whole house only to try to call for the servant after it just sent it to the bank to get the planks.
  3. It seems to be losing track of the servant so often lately I'm not sure why because it never used to have this issue. I'm on 2.6.4 Mirror Mode with the new mouse and 50ms reaction time if that helps.
  4. Ideally for powerchopping, the logs aren't currently worth much but the blisterwood is roughly same exp as teaks but is way more afk
  5. Does this support Blisterwood in Darkmeyer by chance?
  6. Would it be possible to add drift net fishing support? It's good way to train fishing and hunter at the same time but requires fossil island, diving gear and flippers to be good.
  7. I'm having an issue where the bot isn't harvesting the plants, it just runs around to all the patches "sets data" and leaves even if the plants are fully grown or sick and not dead yet it won't cure them. I'm running on Mirror Mode and v2.6.4. I'm using the "new mouse" if that's relevant data.
  8. I'm having an issue with the Library too, I have stam pots in my inventory but it's not using them, also it keeps getting stuck after about 10-15 minutes and then gets stuck spamming a single bookshelf over and over. If I get around to running it again I'll post a log.
  9. @Malcolm Yeah, I know restocking is broken, I have loads and loads of all the supplies, all set to default values so it won't ever try to restock. But when I turn restock off it just logs me out and stops the script. I just don't know what it's trying to buy/thinks is missing. That's why I took a screenshot of my supplies based off of the script's checked item list. Edit: When I bought a second leaf-bladed sword and put it in my bank it started working, idk why that'd have happened tho. It's worth noting I also got this to work on a second computer so I might need to triple check my setti
  10. @Malcolm Sorry for being the only guy to post issues recently, I've run into another issue tho, I'm on task for Turoths and it keeps trying to go to the GE to restock which obviously doesn't work. OSBot Version: 2.5.69 Dev Mirror Mode (also tried 2.5.67 stable) Script version: 1.55 I have no idea what it's trying to buy from the GE tho as I have all the required items: Camelot Teleports and a Leaf-Blade Sword. I tried checking the logger to see what it was trying to buy but it doesn't say what it's looking for, only spams restocking, and if I disable restocking completely it just logs me o
  11. Cheers, thanks man. I'll be sure to test it out as soon as I get another drag task.
  12. @Malcolm It walks to the area and never attacks anything unless I have auto-retal on, Status gets stuck on "Looking for next enemy" or "AFK". So far it has not attacked a baby dragon of any kind while on a task.
  13. Quick update, it might be all tasks related to baby dragons. I just got a blue dragon task for the first time and it's having the same issues with the baby blues that it was having with the baby greens.
  14. I have not tried on non-mirror mode, the past 6 accounts I've tried on non mirror mode were banned in less than 24 hours. Unfortunately I do not have an account with membership I am willing to risk to see if non mirror mode works.
  15. @Malcolm I unfortunately have no idea how to do a heap dump, but I got green drags again so here's the screenshot of me at drags with a pic of logger that displays no error on the side. The client seems to know the dragons are there as they're marked when I turn on NPC debug info.
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