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  1. can i get a trial? wanted to see hwo it works in wildy course
  2. could i get a trial? would like to try before i buy
  3. ill post one later when i get home and start up the bot!
  4. Sometimes when i go to set up the bot it doesnt do anything for about 5 mins and then gets going after i click all around and pause and reaume the client alot. It just says null and eventually for no specific reason starts working.
  5. idk bout yall but ive been using perfectRC and havent gotten a ban. i got to 60rc on my main and i do alot of other stuff but id say i only botted probably 1hr a day every other day. on the other hand i used perfectRC and got i think 70 RC via abyss and then got banned after a month (roughly 2hrs a day botting RC and then an hour or so of combat/other skills botted). just some food for thought.
  6. hey guys simple question here, does anyone know of an auto-buyer? ive looked at the scripts on here and haven't seen a bot for that. Any1 have any recommendations? ive looked on other sites but those bots dont seem like they work anymore or that well, and tbh i prefer osbot. Thanks for any help or advice!
  7. like everyone else said, id play legit for a few weeks before botting. it depends though, if you just want to bot and and dont really care about the account then fuck it bot away. your ip shouldnt be flagged anymore (if it ever was). IME ive botting 10 accounts on my ip that were suicide bots all got banned and then botted on my main for awhile and still haven't received a ban over 6 months later. at the same time my brother botted on his ip at his apartment and got banned on his main after botting for only a few days. It all depends but you should be good if you only plan on botting an hour o
  8. you will know once the author of the post comments and says that you guys have trails or something along those lines. it will then show up in your list of bots you have when you open osbot. only lasts 24hrs
  9. i used it for an account before, got about 77 rc before it got perm ban. i also botted it for about 6hr a day so thats why=p still lasted me about a month
  10. just to expand on my last post, when i do click lava runes, no npc repair of pouches or abyss repair, it does bring me to the fire alter but doesn't bring any runes for magic imbue, and just uses my fire tiara to craft fire runes. plz help thanks
  11. the lava runes option with magic imbued, small and medium puches, and repair mode for npc spell isnt working anyone else having this problem? actually lava runes arent working at all for me...
  12. if you want to bot for extended periods of time just listen to the other comments, use breaks! If you dont i would be surprised if you arent banned the next day . Imo and IME, when using breaks you can bot for a long period of time as long as u randomize the breaks and even actually play once in a while to throw off Jagexs bot busting system. Good luck =p
  13. could i also get a trial for this? was thinking about buying it =p
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