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  1. People buying services are obviously going to want to keep current prices, it's saving them money. Fairest would be to set a USD value and use daily rates imo
  2. I'm pretty sure they're releasing something pretty soon that makes staking fair for everyone (same stats while in arena). Probably best to wait for that. Source
  3. naaiz

    Naaiz's Ban Checker

    Managed to reproduce and fix it. Thanks for reporting, working version now up.
  4. naaiz

    Naaiz's Ban Checker

    It does for me. What exactly is your problem? And did you download v1.02?
  5. naaiz

    Naaiz's Ban Checker

    The change is implemented now so it should sleep for 5 minutes if it gets that error. No way for me to check if it works though because I don't get that error.
  6. naaiz

    Naaiz's Ban Checker

    I didn't with my list, but that is a possiblity I guess. Could add in a failsafe that pauses for like 5 minutes when it gets that error.
  7. naaiz

    Naaiz's Ban Checker

    If there is a : in your actual passwords itself it will screw up. Thats a little oversight since my passwords didn't have any colons. Will be fixed in a bit Edit: fixed
  8. Haven't been active in a while but wanted to get back scripting/farming and I found an old file with ~5000 accounts. no way I was going to check them manually so I wrote a script that checks each account for its status. Currently only supports: Account disabled Account locked Account active (logs in) Invalid login details If you get any other login error the script will most likely crash, however I don't know of any other errors that happen regularly. If you have any suggestions let me know I'll add them in. How to use Create a file called "accounts.txt' in y
  9. I just upload mine to imgur and paste the direct image link in the post, it should automatically show in its proper dimensions
  10. Yeah no way anybody in their right mind would not have sold that before getting 210b, I call fake
  11. I'm pretty sure private chat is linked to client and not account, right click private button and click clear history
  12. Pretty sick account to be fair, I'd say ~100m
  13. Currently have one at 73.5 def on its way to 75 in a week or 2. HMU on skype if ur interested
  14. https://osbot.org/api/org/osbot/rs07/api/Trade.html#getLastRequestingPlayer-- If this returns null you don't have one, I'm pretty sure it only checks for the past 15 seconds or so
  15. A ban for using 1:1 AHK when it was still allowed (or not bannable) on my 1800 total main Maybe the fact that I didn't blur my name on AHK videos with 8k+ views didn't help.
  16. Recommend you do fremmy elite before even going there to always make a profit. You can do them at 80+ all combat stats but recommend 90+ to not fuck up your rotation too often
  17. Does anybody know if there's a way to get the actual text from inside a widget? What I'm trying to achieve is getting the opponents' level from the first duel arena screen. getWidgets().getWidgets(rootId, childId).toString(); //Returns null Example
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